What is The Alignment Technique™?

It is so simple to apply and the effect is profound.

As you read below about the transformational experiences of others who have used The Alignment Technique™, their stories will give you a sense of the wide range of its reach, the impact it can have on you, and the ripple effect that it sets in motion in you and your business.

The Alignment Technique is a comprehensive system I’ve developed based on almost 40 years of experience in combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the modern science of the West.

Insights I gained through years of study and training in the systems of acupuncture, the energy centers and electro-magnetic fields of the body, intuitive development, meditation, guided imagery work, healing, and body psychotherapy, coalesced in simple and transformative techniques, the most recent being The Alignment Technique.

The Alignment Technique is a physical do-it-yourself "hands-on” process that involves holding specific points on your body, along with some guided imagery, simple breath awareness and a bit of movement ... where your connection with yourself and the Universe is key. This allows for clearing, alignment and connection on every level ... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and in every aspect of your life and business.

I am thrilled to be able to share The Alignment Technique with you.

In The Alignment Technique, a couple of the movements are like yoga, and a few acupuncture points are also used in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yet in a very different way.

What Does The Alignment Technique Do For You?

Here are a few stories you can read about the transformational experiences of others that will
give you an idea of what The Alignment Technique
could do for you ...

Christine Kloser"I had been searching for a long time to find a way to ground my energy, quiet my mind and find deep inner peace no matter what's happening around me. The alignment technique that Mary Denaro taught me along with her powerful energy work have been the answer to my prayers. She knew exactly what my body, mind, heart and soul needed. As a result of her work, and consistently doing the alignment technique she taught me ... my energy has increased drastically, my joy has come back, my passion is overflowing and the Universe is responding by sending me an abundance of opportunities that I never could have dreamed possible. Mary opened the doors for abundance to flow to and through me from a loving, expansive place. I highly recommend her and her alignment technique as a resource to continue expanding and freeing yourself."

Christine Kloser
Three-Time Award Winning Author
Creator of the Transformational Author Experience

The Alignment Technique has transformed my life and my business and is transforming the lives and businesses of my clients.

"I began working with Mary at a very key time in my business life. Big opportunities were starting to appear and I was in the midst of rebranding. I wanted to fully embrace the opportunities coming my way yet I could feel myself holding back and resisting and I didn't know why."

Mary's mentoring helped me quickly surface and shift the beliefs and experiences that were weighing me down and holding me back in my business and life. My energy level soared, my writing and communications almost instantly became more clear and the response to my work and offers took a huge leap. I confidently booked new VIP level clients, claimed my true gifts and was able to communicate them with much more ease and clarity. Even better, clients experienced increased results and "Aha's" in our work together because I was able to tune in at a deeper level to what they really needed.

If you've ever had the sense that there is so much untapped potential inside you, but you just can't access it, I highly recommend mentoring with Mary Denaro. Mary gives practical tools and techniques as well as deep inner healing and intuitive guidance to truly help you soar beyond old limits. With Mary's expert guidance I am fully and freely stepping into a greater level of service in my business and feeling fully in alignment as I do. Creativity is flowing, new opportunities are flowing, and my income is flowing as I work with Mary and her Alignment Technique."

Shawn Driscoll
The Trailblazer's Business Coach


Therese Skelly"Mary, I just have to tell you the most powerful and profound thing that happened after you took me through your Alignment Technique. There was a situation in my life that I was struggling with a bit. But the problem was that it was an old pattern for me. Meaning, I'd had it going and repeatedly got stuck in the cycle of how it always played out. But the very next day after our call I was able to shift it. That meant that I was able to take a stand for myself and say a BIG NO to something that wasn't working. The thing I had in my life was good...but not great. And for the first time ever I easily came from a huge place of self love and put an end to something that wasn't really serving me. The effect continues to ripple. I know that one act opened me to my higher good, and I'm seeing daily the Universe deliver to me more of what I want. It seems that when you say "no" to what needs to be gone, the Universe can say YES to what you desire. What a powerful session we had. Thanks so much for being your amazing, loving self. You are a very powerful catalyst!"

Therese Skelly
Mindset Mentor &
Business Catalyst


“Mary Denaro’s Alignment Technique is nothing short of revolutionary. The technique is powerful in its result - yet simple to apply.“

I had many alignments happen during my very first session using the technique, but the most significant one was when the deep pain I had been feeling in my left hip was released. I saw what looked like a puff of grey smoke come out of my hip and heard the word “uncertainty”. After the technique I realized the pain was gone and I haven’t had it since the first alignment (months ago).

In the days that followed I was also feeling more confident in my decisions and direction for my business. I went into my first alignment hoping for some clarity and came away feeling very grounded and aware of how to move forward. I continue to use The Alignment Technique as a vital tool to help me align with my purpose and make a difference in the world around me. I highly recommend this technique to individuals across all levels, based on my own incredible results.“

Anastasia Montejano
Management LeadershipCoaching.com


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While reading the stories above, you probably noticed that The Alignment Technique experience can bring about transformation in any aspect of your life.

The Alignment Technique can open you to a new flow of energy, creativity, clarity, connection and direction, to your intuition ... and to an abundance of opportunities that can flow into every aspect of your life and business!

The Heart of the Matter

The Alignment Technique happens from a space of gratitude and love, from openness and ease.

In essence, The Alignment Technique opens you to a new deeper experience of self-love, a heightened state of awareness, and a new connection with the Universe that is more expansive and more tangible.

This is about self-love for YOU, as a Being. So I’m not talking about ego ... this is about a very deep inner connection with yourself, as a Being.

I have discovered what I call “a hidden treasure of self-love in the body.” Using The Alignment Technique, you can open yourself to this hidden treasure.

As this opening to yourself deepens, clears and widens, you can experience more love for yourself than you ever imagined possible. You feel more self-acceptance, self-respect, self-appreciation and a new rich experience of self-care, self-confidence and a new sense of feeling worthy.

The Alignment Technique...
~ Aligns you with your soul, your soul's purpose... and with all that you came here to BE
~ Aligns you with your heart and your passion to live full out
~ Connects and aligns you with the core essence of the Earth and the Cosmos
~ Opens you to a new sense of unconditional love
~ Assists you in expanding your awareness and raising your consciousness, and allows limitations and constrictions to drop away. As they do, you ALIGN with ALL THAT IS! ... from the inside out!


From this expanded awareness, and this new alignment with yourself as a Being, and with the Universe, you create the space in yourself for amazing things to happen!

Using The Alignment Technique, you align with all that you came here to BE and with your direction in this moment, and you clear the way to express your brilliance in your business and in your life. You create the space to align, expand and shine!

Each day you use The Alignment Technique it supports you so that you can be in a heightened state of awareness and can easily stay at a high vibration of love, gratitude, joy and ease ... where you are in the flow and having fun doing what you love. Time to Celebrate Life!


While you’re focusing on the physical and spiritual experience, shifts are happening on every level

As you do The Alignment Technique physically, you are connecting spiritually at the same time... and creating the space in yourself to ALIGN on every level of existence. Without any effort, shifts can then happen on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, creating more expansion and freedom in yourself and your business.


Where & How?



This is a very individualized process,
as I read your energy and guide you into alignment.
The entire process is about 90 minutes.

After the session, you receive a step-by-step outline.

If you choose, it’s a gift you can give to yourself each and
every day for the rest of your life!


When you use The Alignment Technique, you come into a state of being where you can experience more certainty and confidence, clarity and courage, connectedness and creativity ... and a high energy vibration and vitality,
where ease and flow are a way of being.


All you need is 20 minutes

Many clients in my Mentoring Programs tell me that they could do The Alignment Technique for 20 minutes or for 2 hours... and that it gives them a feeling of timelessness.

Yet, all you need is 20 minutes.


How The Alignment Technique Came To Be


You may wonder what affect The Alignment Technique will have on you

The Alignment Technique will spark your hidden potential! ... if you are willing.

Your Body and Your Business: If there is something in your body that is holding you back from the next step in your business, this will become clear during The Alignment Technique session.


What Else Does The Alignment Technique Do For You?


Until now The Alignment Technique has been used primarily with clients in my One-on-One Mentoring Programs

The Alignment Technique has transformed my life and business and is transforming the lives and businesses of my clients in my Mentoring Programs. They are passion-driven leaders who are ready to step up into a new level of their brilliance, to share their transformative message and broaden their reach.

Clients rave about this step-by-step technique they can use daily to come into alignment, and that it supports them in stepping into their new level of authentic leadership with clarity, confidence and courage. They experience that living at a high energy vibration allows their creativity to flow, new opportunities to flow and new income to flow, as they align, expand and shine their light in the world through their business!


I’ve been feeling called to reach more people now ...

In order to answer that call, I am now offering The Alignment Technique outside of my Mentoring Programs. A few sessions each month are now available.

And for the future, I’m exploring the possibility of doing The Alignment Technique with a small group of people on a group mentoring call.

If you’re interested in receiving information about further developments, click here



Why Now?

I believe that The Alignment Technique unfolded as part of my intense
yearlong spiritual and transformative journey, and as part of the global shift taking place right now.

It is here now to support us during this transformation and through the transition to the next stage of our evolution,
to help us usher in this new era of consciousness.

I believe The Alignment Technique can guide us and help us to remember
the Language of the Heart which is the essence of all ancient traditions. It can help us all to continue to move out of separation and fear,
back to oneness and love,
to confidence and courage
to community, cooperation and contribution
to laughter, joy and Celebration of Life!



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Please be aware that there are a limited number of sessions available outside of my Mentoring Programs so it’s on a first come, first served basis.

Between September and March I often have a waiting list so it’s suggested you reserve your spot early.


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*Related Books

As I mentioned, The Alignment Technique unfolded during a yearlong spiritual journey that began with my being out of alignment and a health issue that transformed my life.

At the end of this yearlong journey, I became a contributing author to the best-selling book, Align, Expand and Succeed - Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success (October, 2010). My book chapter is “Being” in Business: Using Your Gift of Intuition in Business.

Some of my book chapter is about this journey.

You'll find more information about this book here.

My forthcoming book about The Alignment Technique will be published in 2012.



I am thrilled and honored to share The Alignment Technique with you ... so that it can support you during this transformation – support you in BEing all of your brilliance - and bringing it into the world ... and, if you feel called, to take an active part in ushering in this new era of consciousness.



To your alignment, your brilliance, your leadership,
and to your success in your business and beyond!

Mary Denaro, Mentor and Consultant
Developer of The Alignment Technique™
The Catalyst to Spark Your Hidden Potential

Transformational Mentoring for Soul-Driven
Leaders, Movers & Shakers and Changemakers -
on a Mission to Make a Huge Difference in the World