As a passion-driven leader,
perhaps now, more than ever before ...

you’re feeling called to step up
into a new level of your brilliance,
to share your transformative message and your gifts,
to broaden your reach,
and make a greater impact on the world.

As a conscious spiritually-attuned entrepreneur, and a leader in your field, you know the importance of feeling good in your skin, feeling clear in your head, with an open heart. When you’re connected: head, heart, body and soul, your light shines in the world ... attracting those you are meant to serve.

You are a mentor, coach, consultant, speaker, author or other service professional already leading the way, and you’re feeling this calling now. You know what is needed:

coming into alignment with all that you came here to BE,
following your inner truth,
and taking inspired action.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or distracted, to postpone taking time to align, and forget to tune into your intuition.

You might have second-guessed your intuition, or put it off, and regretted it later. This might have cost you energy, time and money.

If you want to strengthen and deepen the intuitive connection you already have, it is essential that you give your intuition a real place in your business. Think of this Wise Advisor as your business partner, who is with you each and every moment, ready to assist you. All you need to do is ask.

Just as you take time each day to
open your email inbox…
Imagine… to start your day, you take time to open yourself to
your Wise Advisor


Perhaps you want to ask, “How can I best express my message in the words that resonate with the people who are ready to hear it?”

Or “What is my next step?”

Or “What do I need to know right now about my business?”

Or “Am I on track?”

Your Wise Advisor can help you make sure you’re on track so that you can move forward quickly with more clarity, confidence, courage and ease.

When you consciously tap into your intuitive guidance on a daily basis, crystal-clear decisions in your business come easily because they resonate and align with your heart, your soul, your passion, and your purpose.

You are able to tune into your clients at a deeper level so that they experience increased insights, inspiration and results. You’ll experience a sense of fulfillment and excitement, as your transformation creates a ripple effect in the lives of your clients and your clients’ clients.

Quickly taking inspired action based on your
inner wisdom

- feeling clarity, vitality, and ease –

is the time when you most often experience synchronicity and success.


As you live your purpose and passion full out, you have a greater impact on the lives of your clients and your bottom line!

I think you know in your heart that BEing in business means BEing who you are – in your essence. This alignment is the key to success, as you follow your inner truth and take inspired action.


Let me guide you to discover exactly how you can more consciously use your gift of intuition daily in your business.

If you are ready to strengthen and deepen the intuitive connection you already have, and would like support in taking immediate inspired action each day in your business, I invite you to receive...

11 Keys to Become Your Own Business Intuitive - Follow Your Inner Truth ... to Business Success and Beyond!

Even if you tap into your intuition on a regular basis, this experiential book will support you in further developing your connection with your Wise Advisor. You will feel empowered, as you follow this crystal-clear intuitive guidance and take inspired action.

You will immediately receive the introduction to the 11 keys in your email. Then every week, you will receive a new key. These keys are full of information, awareness techniques, exercises, meditations, insights, case studies and fun stories.

I offer you an experience! When you use these simple techniques, tips, insights and strategies, and take inspired action each day, you can watch the wave of opportunities open for you and your business!

Here's one example of the power of this work:

Christine Kloser"I had been searching for a long time to find a way to ground my energy, quiet my mind and find deep inner peace no matter what's happening around me. The alignment technique that Mary Denaro taught me along with her powerful energy work have been the answer to my prayers. She knew exactly what my body, mind, heart and soul needed. As a result of her work, and consistently doing the alignment technique she taught me ... my energy has increased drastically, my joy has come back, my passion is overflowing and the Universe is responding by sending me an abundance of opportunities that I never could have dreamed possible. Mary opened the doors for abundance to flow to and through me from a loving, expansive place. I highly recommend her and her alignment technique as a resource to continue expanding and freeing yourself."

Christine Kloser
Three-Time Award Winning Author
Creator of the Transformational Author Experience


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You can read stories of real people who these techniques have worked for and who have experienced astounding results.

Therese Skelly"Mary, I just have to tell you the most powerful and profound thing that happened after you took me through your Alignment Technique. There was a situation in my life that I was struggling with a bit. But the problem was that it was an old pattern for me. Meaning, I'd had it going and repeatedly got stuck in the cycle of how it always played out. But the very next day after our call I was able to shift it. That meant that I was able to take a stand for myself and say a BIG NO to something that wasn't working. The thing I had in my life was good...but not great. And for the first time ever I easily came from a huge place of self love and put an end to something that wasn't really serving me. The effect continues to ripple. I know that one act opened me to my higher good, and I'm seeing daily the Universe deliver to me more of what I want. It seems that when you say "no" to what needs to be gone, the Universe can say YES to what you desire. What a powerful session we had. Thanks so much for being your amazing, loving self. You are a very powerful catalyst!"

Therese Skelly
Mindset Mentor &
Business Catalyst


Anastasia Montejano"Mary Denaro is a highly skilled, caring, wise guide for those who are looking to deepen their intuition. She has the unique ability to act as a teacher and a mentor so you access and hear your inner wisdom. If you're only operating from logic in today's world you are missing out! Your inner wisdom knows what is needed to break through the obstacle you're facing right now. Mary is the real deal and has worked with thousands of people just like you who desire to deepen their intuition. I have learned so much from Mary and incorporated her techniques into my daily schedule. The results speak for themselves. I now feel a deeper sense of joy and peace - which has resulted in being able to accomplish more in my company. But don't take my word for it. Connect with her today and find out how your life can be changed. You won't be disappointed!"

Anastasia Montejano


Suzanne Masefield"We use our intuition all the time, but often unconsciously, so we rarely maximize our true potential. Once we take charge to use this amazing gift more consciously we enrich our lives considerably. Mary's years of experience in this field have enabled her to develop some simple, yet powerful tools to increase anyone's intuitive abilities on a day to day basis. These tools help you gain clarity to be more decisive in the choices you make, to come from a centered place and align your purpose with the actions you take. As a conscious entrepreneur and business owner I know Mary's teachings are a real gift to offer us all a means to re-connect more consciously with our intuitive abilities, to guide us and take our results in life and business to a whole new level!"

Suzanne Masefield, Executive Coach

After mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, I know that when you make a clear decision and commitment to invest some quality time each day in yourself and your business by:

coming into alignment with all that you came here to Be,
partnering with your Wise Advisor and following your inner truth
taking inspired action based on your intuitive guidance

... you can more easily “master your mindset” ..... and take that next step in sharing your transformative message and your gifts with clarity, confidence, courage and joy.

If you are already leading the way, and you’re now feeling called to step into an even greater expression of your brilliance, and you are ready to answer the call, I would love to guide you.

YES, Mary! I'd like my FREE eBook NOW!

Privacy Policy: I will NOT rent, trade, or release
your name to any third party for any reason - ever.



To your alignment, your brilliance, your leadership,
and to your success in your business and beyond!

Mary Denaro, Mentor and Consultant
Developer of The Alignment Technique™
The Catalyst to Spark Your Hidden Potential

Transformational Mentoring for Soul-Driven
Leaders, Movers & Shakers and Changemakers -
on a Mission to Make a Huge Difference in the World




When you take time to come into alignment, you can feel that you have come to a higher vibration where you’re in tune with your intuition, and where your inspiration and creativity flow.

Perhaps you get into the mindset that you don’t have time to align, yet, ironically, when you do take time to align, you can get things done at rapid speed because you’re in the flow. You can see the results in the quantity, and more importantly in the quality of what you bring into the world.

You are so present, you are in the flow and having fun doing what you love.

If you have been waiting for information about The Alignment Technique, I am delighted to be able to direct you to the tab on the menu bar, “What is The Alignment Technique?" or click here.