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Mary DenaroMary Denaro is a Catalyst to Spark Your Hidden Potential, on a mission to mentor passion-driven leaders – to step into a new level of their brilliance, to share their transformative message and broaden their reach.

Mary is a mentor and consultant, a speaker, author, an intuitive development expert, healer and spiritual teacher, and has been an entrepreneur for almost four decades. She is passionately committed to empowering clients who share her soul-driven desire to make a profound impact in the world.

Spiritually-attuned entrepreneurs who are already leading the way and are now feeling called to step into an even greater expression of their genius are her ideal clients. They are transformational leaders, mentors, speakers, authors and coaches who are ready to make yet a greater global impact. They want to spark their hidden potential, access their untapped creativity and express it with clarity, confidence and ease.

They sense that in order to take their next step, they want to first create a stronger, stable Inner Platform, one that is also flexible and expansive, and will support them as the soul-driven leader they are.

Mary’s clients rave about the practical tools and techniques to support them and her expert intuitive guidance which helps them to soar beyond old limits and to create a new experience of freedom for themselves and their clients. They are able to tune into their clients at a deeper level so that their clients experience increased insights, inspiration and results.

They experience a new sense of fulfillment and excitement, as their transformation creates a ripple effect in the lives of their clients and their clients' clients.

The high-energy vibration they now experience allows their creativity to flow, new opportunities to flow and new income to flow as they align, expand and shine their light in the world through their business.


Mary has the expertise to do just that.

For over three decades, Mary’s work in personal, spiritual and intuitive development has transformed lives throughout the world. She has been inspiring thousands of people worldwide to awaken to their soul's purpose and their gift of intuition.

Part of her life's mission has been to raise consciousness and expand awareness through the trainings at her Center for Intuitive and Creative Development, in her Conscious Communication Trainings, and through her mentoring and consulting in the corporate world, and in her mentoring programs for entrepreneurs. This has included her constantly fine-tuned and innovative system of body-breath-imagery-movement techniques, the most recent being The Alignment Technique™.

Since 2000, hundreds of successful heart-centered entrepreneurs and executives have discovered their inner success in Mary's trainings and mentoring programs provided by her company Denaro Consultants International.

Top executives have expanded their awareness and enriched their experience of communication with themselves and their team in her trainings, bringing spirituality into the corporate workplace.

In a burnout project for top female executives, Mary helped them rediscover and reclaim their core values, heal their bodies, discover their souls’ purpose and what it means to be a spiritual being in a female body in a leadership role. The result was that many of these women have become successful conscious spiritually-attuned entrepreneurs and are leaders in their field.


Mary is a seasoned expert who began in the early 70's

Mary’s quest for expanded awareness and her passion to understand consciousness began in the early 70’s when she moved to Northern California. She had the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by many of the pioneers in the human potential movement.

For almost 40 years, Mary has been combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the modern science of the West. Insights gained from her years of study and training in the systems of acupuncture, the energy centers and electro-magnetic fields of the body, intuitive development, meditation, guided imagery work, healing, and body psychotherapy, coalesced in simple and transformative techniques.

In 1978 Mary was invited from California to several countries in W. Europe to introduce her work and moved from San Francisco to the Netherlands in 1980.

She is a pioneer in intuitive development and healing who co-founded the Center for Intuitive Development in Utrecht in 1982. Her Center in the Netherlands was the first center for intuitive development and healing in Western Europe. The 4-year intensive training included Self-awareness, Meditation, Mindset, Healing, Reading Energy and workshops in Family Sculpture (similar to Constellation work), Living with Emotions, and Voice Dialogue.

In the Advanced Intuitive Training program, fields of specialization were Relationship Readings, Family Readings, Health Readings, and Energy Readings of Businesses and organizations of any size.

In 2000 Mary began working in the corporate world as a Consultant, Mentor and Trainer until 2009.

Mary is fascinated with the workings of the brain in relation to consciousness and has studied it for over two decades.

In 1989, her study of our states of consciousness as related to our primary brainwave patterns, also in relation to meditation and to our intuition led her to participate in a research project of the Neurotechnology Institute. Having meditated daily for over 14 years, she performed various activities in a meditative state, while her brainwaves were measured and recorded using an EEG machine.

The affects of visualization exercises, directed shifts in states of consciousness, feeling states and mindset were measured and registered on an EEG screen, providing invaluable information, and creating a bridge between the visible and “non-visible” realms.

Based on her extensive research and experience, she later co-founded Mind Machines Unlimited, introducing brain-entrainment machines and cassette tapes in the Netherlands. Mary also used them in the Advanced Intuitive Development training programs at her Center and in her private practice with clients.

Today she still enjoys using these brain-entrainment machines.

After 17 years, in 1999 Mary handed over the torch at the Center for Intuitive and Creative Development, and later founded Denaro Consultants International. Organizations invited her to work as a freelance consultant and mentor, where she was able to use her years of mentoring experience and energy readings of businesses. Mary’s expertise honed over two decades as Trainer and Product Developer led her to creating customized training programs to suit individual corporations’ needs.


The Alignment Technique™

In the summer of 2008, although Mary had been mentoring and consulting on an international level since 2000, she felt called to make a greater contribution to the world by reaching more people through an internet based business.

Wanting to learn it all, she was full of passion, inspiration and motivation. Mary moved from passion-driven to overly-driven until May, 2009, when a sudden health issue changed her life. She felt out of alignment.

This was the beginning of a yearlong spiritual journey for her. What unfolded in this process is a new technique, called The Alignment Technique.

The Alignment Technique™ has transformed Mary's life and business and is transforming the lives and businesses of her clients. It is an integral part of her mentoring programs. Clients rave about this step-by-step technique they can use daily to come into alignment, and that it supports them in stepping into their new level of authentic leadership with clarity, confidence and ease.



Mary is a contributing author to the best-selling book, Align, Expand and Succeed - Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success (October, 2010). Her book chapter is "Being" in Business: Using Your Gift of Intuition in Business. For more information about this book click here.

She is also the author of a 60-plus page experiential eBook, 11 Keys to Become Your Own Intuitive - How to Be The CEO of Your Intuitive Gifts - Create a Life and Business in Sync ... Authentic Success from the Inside Out! (December, 2010), soon to become a digital tool kit.

Her forthcoming book about The Alignment Technique™ will be published in 2012.


I believe that The Alignment Technique unfolded as part of my intense
yearlong spiritual and transformative journey, and as part of the global shift taking place
right now.
It is here now to support us during this transformation and through the transition to the next stage of our evolution,
to help us usher in this new era of consciousness.
I believe The Alignment Technique can guide us and help us to remember
the Language of the Heart which is the essence of all ancient traditions. It can help us all to continue to move out of
separation and fear,
back to oneness and love,
to confidence and courage
to community, cooperation and contribution
to laughter, joy and Celebration of Life!



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To your alignment, your brilliance, your leadership,
and to your success in your business and beyond!

Mary Denaro, Mentor and Consultant
Developer of The Alignment Technique™
The Catalyst to Spark Your Hidden Potential

Transformational Mentoring for Soul-Driven
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